Fall 2023 Gun & Military Auction

Fall 2023 Gun & Military Auction

Register with us & bid on our new site for a chance to win a custom Ruger 10/22 International Rifle!

Selling 1,000+ Lots of Great Sporting & Hunting Rifles, Shotguns & Pistols from numerous Midwestern Estate collections!

Highlights include nearly 100 Ruger firearms, Modern & collectible Browning’s, Colt’s, Remington’s, Smith & Wesson’s, Kimber, Beretta, Rare Winchester Commemoratives & Lever actions;  WWII military weapons, 1941 Johnson, M1 Garands & Carbines, German Lugers, Russian SVT 40. Doubles from Parker & Fox, German Drillings, & more! Modern Cowboy action guns. Quality Scopes & Optics, Collection of large Wildlife mounts, including Cougar, Brown Bears, Bighorn Sheep, Mt. goats, Elk & more! This is a Large Auction view online & make plans to preview in person!

203 E. Blackhawk Ave., Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin 53821
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